Pure mile


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There are at least two badger setts in the area. They are regularly sighted on the roads at night time

and there is evidence of their digging in areas.  


Bats inhabit the area and were observed on the bat walk as outlined. Their flight paths have been

noted along the tree lines. The erection of bat boxes in the area will encourage continued habitation

by the various species.  


These are frequently seen and their burrows are to be found in field boundaries and earthen banks.


Both red and grey squirrels are present in the area but mainly in the adjoining Coillte plantations and

in Kinlan’s Wood en route to Lough Dan

Pine Marten

The Pine Marten is known to have been present with a road kill spotted in the area. They are hard to

spot as due to its shy nocturnal nature.

Irish Hare

This species is local to the area and often spotted in fields referred to as the Squares


Are regularly spotted in the area and all too frequently found dead on the road

Wood Mouse

Has been occasionally sighted along the roads particularly in the early autumn

Pygmy Shrew  

Often spotted when

caught by the local cats as

photographed and

researched by Katie

Chiam below


See the full list of animals in the final report, download report from web.