Pure mile


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1 Three Corner Field

2 Bog

3 Kitty’s Field

4 Bank Field

5 Kelly’s Park

6 The Haggart

7 Field Under the door

8 Pea field

9 Flat Field

10 Middle Field

11 White Field

12 Pasture

13 12 acres/Field under Fanning’s

14 Grumley’s

15 Barrett’s Field

16 The Bank Field

17 The Lawn

18 The Slang

19 Silage Field

20 White Field

21 Cherry Hedge Field

22 Tommy Brady’s Field

23 Dog Trail Field

24 The Break

25 Long Meadow

26 Back of the House Field

27 The Squares Bog

28 Hennessy Corner

29 The Brakes

30 The Right Hand Side

31 Fort William

32 Lake Park

33 Shinnagh Man’s Field

34 The Skunch

35 The Dog Trail Field

36 The Slang

Field names on the pure mile

As part of the Pure Mile the residents recorded the field and local names in the area. These names are an integral part of our culture providing a living record not just of the topography of the land, but of the families who farm or have farmed it, the monuments, the plants and animals that inhabit it, the local history and folklore and often the Irish language.