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Notes of meetings

Baltynanima Pure Mile meeting Roundwood Parish Hall on 2nd of February 2017

Present: Remco deWit-Peys, Cathelyne  deWit Peys, Sean Pierce, Joe Malone, Maeve Fanning, Bernadette Cosgrave Cullen, Tom Heatly, Betty Cullen, Pat Malone, Pauline Heatly, Claire Feely and Monica Byrne

The Pure Mile was explained and all in attendance thought it a good initiative & were interested in getting involved. The section of road is more than a mile but that is not an issue.

Possible Actions included

Hedge cutting (Joe Malone)

Improve the safety at the Junction of the Green Road & Oldbridge road

Improve parking at the bottom of the Green Road with the agreement of the Malone family & Wicklow Co Council (Joe to contact Seamus Timmons Wicklow Co Co)

Erect a ‘Green Road’ rock at either ends of the road – location at Oldbridge side?

Erect insect, bird & bat boxes (All to look out for suitable trees)

Ask Dunne & Dineen to donate some boxes from their ‘Peckers’ range (Sean Pierce)

Clean graffiti off signage

Residents to continue to maintain their properties

Residents to pick up any litter in the vicinity & along the road if out walking, etc.

Residents to note/photograph the occurrence of wild flowers, birds and other natural heritage

Take lots of photographs especially before & after shots of improvements (if relevant)

No chemical spraying

No hedge cutting after 1st of March

Research History on

 Roving Bard – Peter Cunningham Grattan (Pauline Heatly)

 Deserted village (Bernadatte to talk to Sean Byrne)

 Lake Park House

 Local field names – (Monica to get large scale map of area)

Possible events – to be decided

 Bat walk

 Historical walk to deserted village

 Exhibition if enough information collected

Next meeting 7:30pm on Monday 20th of February 2017 Parish Hall

Baltynanima Pure Mile meeting Roundwood Parish Hall on May 15th 2017

Present: Remco de Wit-Peijs, Cathelijne de Wit-Peijs, , Bernadette Cullen,  Chris & Ella Davis, Pauline & Niamh Heatly, Claire Feeley, Anna & Katie Chiam, Philip Cuthbert, Joe Malone, Sean Pierce, Val Kennedy, Tom Heatly and Monica Byrne

Apologies: Maeve Fanning, Carmel Benson & Betty Cullen

Possible Actions included

Signs for directing walkers to Wicklow Way &Roundwood village are about to be ordered. Will be paid for the RDCC who will reclaim amount back from Pat Mellon.

Sean Pierce & Joe Malone are working on getting the stones for the various locations

Landscaping required at the car parking, Balislam Lane Junction & opposite Paddy Brady’s

Bird/bat boxes donated by a local business are all erected

Pauline di d a great job of cleaning all the signs

Pauline produced an amazing photo collection of the Pure Mile & posted it to Facebook. Has sent these photos on to Philip for the website

Please send Philips lots of photos, stories, points of interest, etc. for the website which is looking great www.baltynanima.com

The children are requested to draw/paint pictures of flowers, etc. for inclusion on the website

Children should interview their elderly neighbours, grandparents, etc. about life in the area. They can use the sample questionnaire circulated or their own questions. These can be included on the website too with permission of the people involved.

o Ann Gaffney/Pat Malone – Davis children

o Tom Heatly/ Bill Murphy – Heatly kids

o Betty Byrne/ Betty Cullen – Cullen kids

o Michael Fanning – Fanning kids

Residents to continue to maintain their properties, paint gates, etc. Looking really well – keep up the good work

It was agreed that litter picking will be carried out on an on-going basis rather than a designated day. Please wear hi-vis vest & gloves. Please contact Monica or Sean if you need hi-vis, bags, litter picker or gloves.

All take lots of photographs especially before & after shots of improvements (if relevant)

Please take photos of people living, working or enjoying the Pure Mile

Research History

Pauline will compile information for website/report on the Roving Bard. Bernadette gave the poems, etc she had to copy for inclsuion

Lake Park House – Edna O’Brien – Carmel volunteered to write a piece about this

History – Brout’s – Pat Malone recited poem to be recorded either orally or written Chris Davis & family

Local field names –aerial maps circulated – compile Monica

Children to interview older residents, grandparents or parents on their memories of living on the Mile (suggestions only)

All residents to give a record for their family/household (if desired)

Possible events

Bat walk Monica

Renewable energy  - Philip, Evan & Mr Wall

Walk to deserted village will take place at 11am on Sunday 11th of June. For those that cannot walk that distance transport will be organised. Val will arrange for the gate to be opened

Exhibition in Parish Hall if enough information collected

Next meeting to be confirmed