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Pure Miler’s Help to Reduce Water Use

Installing a water butt makes good economic and environmental sense. The rain water collected from the gutters can be used to water plants, wash the car, etc. rather than drawing water from your well or the public water mains. Butts are easy to install to a down pipe and fitted with a tap for ease of access to the water with a watering can or hose. The units can be purchased from local hardware stores at an approximate cost of €35 for a 90 litre or €63 for 190 litre unit.  As part of the resource management and waste minimisation in the annual tidy towns’ competition the Roundwood Tidy Towns Group are working in conjunction with Wicklow Co Council, Roundwood National School, An Tochar GAA Club & Roundwood Active Retirement Group & Men’s Shed volunteers to install these units to residents of the area.

If enough people are interested we may be able to buy the water butts on your behalf at a reduced price and have it delivered to your home ready for installation by the Water Butt Installation Team!

If you would like to buy a water butt and have it installed for free at your home please call Monica on 086 8055040