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Winner of Best Interpretation Pure Mile


Getting to know your neighbours

We moved to the Baltynanima area in January 2017. A couple of weeks after we moved in we received information about the Pure Mile project and thought this would be a good opportunity to get to know some of our new neighbours. More than six months later we can honestly say that this was a great decision. We got to know a lot of people from the Baltynanima area and learned so much about the history of our new home.

Baltynanima is a wonderful place to live. We are surrounded by beautiful nature and great walking opportunities. We have all the peace and quiet you can ask for, but with friendly neighbours nearby you never have to feel alone. It is so nice when you walk the dog or drive your car to see familiar faces on the road and stop for a chat.

This project has been a wonderful opportunity for us to integrate very quickly in our new neighbourhood, get to know the neighbours and learn something about the area.


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Winner of Best Interpretation Pure Mile

The pure mile group was commended for the website, information signs, cultural history of the area. Thanks to everybody for all the hard work.

The website will continue to be updated,